Franchise - Jerusalem Malawach


Hello and welcome to a page of opportunity,

Owing to your popularity and your representation of quality and higher business value, your investment is highly valuable to us in the determination of the demand and realization of global brand dream for Jerusalem Malawach delicacy.

JM Ltd, a fledgling business, to whichspecializes in the unique preparation of various array Jerusalem Malawach dishes and takeaway. We are a new takeaway food business in London, with sole aim of globalizing Jerusalem Malawach. We believe Jerusalem Malawach is a dish for many people of different background and should not be restricted to people of Jerusalem alone. So we come up with the inspirational idea of globalizing Malawach, starting in London. Our dream is making Malawach readily available to those who love to take Malawach but they have insufficient time to prepare it. To actualize our idea, we will need your support, as an angel investor.

How do we achieve this goal?

Since Malawach is a food for all, we intend to give it social media exposure to create awareness of our business!

To successfully achieve our dream of globalizing Malawach, we need your help. We therefore implore you to invest in this business concept, and share your esteemed business acumen with us to help achieve our goal.

Enclosed with this mail is a sample catalogue of our product. Should you have any questions or enquiry about Jerusalem Malawach, do not hesitate to to leave your details HERE:

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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