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Are you a fresh graduate looking to jumpstart your career in a new and exciting way?

Are you looking for full-time or part-time job opportunity?

Are you determined to create a niche for yourself in the food industry?

JM Ltd is one of innovative and growing food business in London today renowned for its sweet, savory and sensational Jerusalem malawach.

Our malawach delicacy is the future of all Malawach delicacy in London. We prepare our malawach in a way to showcase the beautiful food culture of the mixt culture of Jerusalem.

We are offering exciting opportunities for (fresh graduates/professional bakers) with reputable background and who love to take charge of new and exciting projects to be part of our amazing team to help create a global brand.

At JM Ltd, we understand the difficulties in building a global brand, that’s why we will be providing support, business acumen, online marketing as well as technical support to help promote this business.

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